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Hi everyone: I know it's past Halloween but I wanted to share the story of our Halloween kitty: In 1995, I was living with my mom, sharing expenses and being cared for after back surgery. On Halloween we attended a very long Halloween party.

We arrived home around 11:30pm, got the makeup off and fell into bed. We had been in charge of a large portion of the party and had spent hours preparing and then the party, we were exhausted and cold.

Mom heard the squeeling of tires in front of our house. Then the car squeeled away and Mom heard a tiny kitten meowing. She got up and pulled on her slippers and robe and went outside, her feet crunching in the frost. She heard a tiny meowing. Mom called that the kitten had better hold still, she was too tired to chase her.

The kitten was huddled next to a tree in our front yard, a tiny tuxedo kitten with a scrapped up face. She was missing an eyebrow, her ear was scruffed, several whiskers were gone on one side, the others were broken and her paws were scrapped. We figure that someone threw this some kitten was thrown out of a car window with them barely slowing down.

At midnight on Halloween.

We named her Darcyquinn - Gaelic for Little Dark One.

To this day she only meows very softly. That night she was loud enough to be heard inside the house. She's been a treasured part of our home since that night.

# # #

Close to Halloween kitties are our two smokey black kittens of this year that we got the day after Friday the 13th. They have been named Vlad and Dru (My mother named them, I didn't so don't blame me for the vampiric names! LOL)

They are adorable and have fit right into the home.


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Nov. 4th, 2006 01:29 am (UTC)
That's such a sad story :( But I'm so glad she found a nice home :) How evil people truly can be to throw a helpless kitten out of a window. My dad's ex girlfriend ran a cat foundation and had cases like that all the time. Almost every week she would find a cardboard box in front of her house with truck loads of kittens, just abandoned. It's so horrible.
Nov. 4th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
People can be soo cruel. But atleast there is a happy ending. And it's sad to know there are people who can be that mean.

That's an adorable pic you have. And the one looking right at the cammera is soo going to be the one who wants all the attention. :)
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